Wednesday, March 19, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Manicure & Green Dinner

I was painting my nails over the weekend & had to do something for the holiday! I was thinking of doing a gold base with rainbow glitter on a few nails, but then I remembered the gold glitter polish I got in my Christmas stocking. I'm not usually a big gold fan, so this was a great excuse to use some up.

St. Patrick's Day Nails, '14

Each nail was done with a base color of China Glaze "Agro", with Elf "Gold Star" glitter on the ring finger and thumb. On the other nails I used Kleancolor "Metallic Green" and a small nail dotter to draw on a stem, then used a large nail dotter to dab on the four circles of the clover. I used KBShimmer "Clearly on Top" topcoat over everything so I didn't have to worry about the dots smearing.

Last year I started a tradition of having a green dinner on St. Patrick's Day. I was having trouble finding something to cook this time, so I made up a recipe. I sauteed shredded Brussels sprouts and chopped mushrooms, then tossed them together with green pasta shells, shredded chicken, and a white cream sauce. It doesn't look too pretty, but it was very tasty & very green!

Green Dinner, '14

On the side we had some green punch. I scooped a little lime sherbet into the bottom of a pitcher, sprinkled about 1/2 of a pack of lemon lime Koolaid over that, then filled up the pitcher with a generic Mt. Dew. I also found a cute pack of green & white paper straws in the $1 Easter section at Target.

I'm a little nervous about the upcoming holidays. Easter won't be too bad ~ I've already started tucking away a few goodies for the baskets ~ but a few weeks later we've got a 1st birthday party to plan! We won't be doing anything big, but so far I am drawing a blank. Off to Pinterest, I suppose!

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