Monday, March 10, 2014

Catan Manicure

3 years ago I had a little Amazon money to spend and looked through my Wish List for something both my husband and I would like. I bought the board game The Settlers of Catan, which ended up being a bit different from board games we'd played before and was a *whole lot* of fun. Soon our friends and family were just as addicted to the game as we were! We quickly added the 5 and 6 Player Extension, and got the Cities and Knights Expansion (and extension) for our birthdays. (Some of our family & friends have bought the other expansions, but Cities & Knights is still our favorite way to play!)

At our last game night I finally got around to making the Catan manicure I planned long ago! You can see below that the board is created with different colored hexes (they are arranged randomly each time so your game board changes) and I thought it would be fun to copy it using hexagon shaped glitters. I bought this glitter set because it had all the right colors ~ two greens, yellow, tan, gray, and reddish brown. This picture shows the recommended board set-up for first time players, so I thought it would be fitting to create that on my nails!

Catan Nails, far

Unfortunately this is one of those manicures that was determined to fail from the start. I used Orly "It's Up To Blue" for the water and promptly bumped it as we were cleaning for guests. I tried to fix it and bumped it again! Then I laid out the hexes and realized they were wayyyy smaller than I had thought. I imagined the board starting on my ring finger and continuing onto the middle and ring finger a little, but the whole board barely covered one nail. And to make matters worse, the light green, yellow (gold), tan, and gray (silver) were just too close in color and all looked the same. I got out a nail dotter and some better nail polish colors and dabbed over them, which luckily was an easy fix. The results weren't terrible, but after all of that I was not too pleased with this "Catan-icure", especially when it started chipping right away. Grrr!

Catan Nails, close

Since we discovered Catan all of our get-togethers have turned into game nights and we've found several other games that are just as much fun. Some of our favorites are Munchkin, Castle Panic, Ticket To Ride, and our new obsession, 7 Wonders. If you haven't tried any of these yet you are missing out!!

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