Saturday, August 11, 2012

China Glaze - flop & dots

I recently picked up 2 China Glaze polishes on clearance on Sally's. The first was a teal crackle polish which I thought was from their newer glitter set I'd seen pics of here, but I guess they were just selling off old ones to make room for those.

"Oxidized Aqua" is such a pale silvery blue that I think you would only be able to see the crackle effect over a dark color. I layered it over Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in "Black Out" and it looked pretty good on the thumb ~

Aqua Crackle - thumb

But failed on the rest of the nails. The middle two nails here had hardly any cracks, and none of them had a particularly nice pattern ~

Aqua Crackle

After seeing that I didn't even bother painting the other hand & moved on to another polish. I don't think I'll be keeping that one!

Now this is actually a manicure that I did while I was camera-less & I loved it so much that I re-did to take pics. The base is a shimmery dark green with a brownish tint called "Agro". I love the color and the fact that it's from the Hunger Games collection! (I'm so tempted to get this one but know I realistically wouldn't wear it that often.)

Agro with silver dots

Inspired by the ring finger here I used my largest nail-dotter to dot two lines down each nail with Pure Ice "Silver Mercedes". At first I tried using a smaller sized dotter to make two rows on the pinkie nail, but I didn't like the look & ended up using one row for the pinkie & three on the thumbnail.

I love the look of this & it is so easy to do! I'll definitely be dotting rows again in the future. My only qualm is this particular color combo - I feel like this shade of green would look better with a bronze or dark gold, but I use what I have!

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