Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Red Test & Purple Netting Nails

A few posts ago I mentioned that I am on the hunt for a good red polish that can stamp over black. So far I've bought three that turned out to be duds. I did a test stamp (Bundle Monster plate BM-201) of each over white & black to show the problems.

Red Test on White

Pointer finger - China Glaze "Ruby Pumps"
I bought this polish after seeing it on this list of polishes that work well for stamping. It's a beautiful shimmery red that I am happy to own but I do not agree with the list. When you use this polish the first coat goes on sheer and purplish. It looks nothing like the bottle but the glitter builds up with a 2nd or 3rd coat to create a true fire engine red. When stamping you get the same look as that first coat - red-violet, not too bad over white, but too sheer to really be a 'stamping' polish.

Middle finger - Konad Special Red
A great, crisp print, just as we'd expect from Konad.

Ring finger - Jessica "Cinderella Red"
I bought this one after seeing this picture of it stamped over black (here's the post). Unfortunately the color looks nothing like the picture but is a dark burgundy color. The product shot is closer to the color but still not dark or brown enough. It stamped very purple and very smudgy.

And over black...

Red Test on Black

... they all disappear. The first two are only visible under close inspection. "Cinderella Red" does show up slightly, but only in the brightest spot of light.

This is probably the next polish I will buy in this quest, but I am a little worried after the Jessica picture faked me out. At least with the big brands I know I can sell them on eBay if they don't work (which I'm doing with those last two!).

And now for a happy manicure!

Purple with Netting (Bundle Monster)

The base is a generic old purple I have (Enamelettes “Pearly Grape”) topped with a coat of OPI “It’s My Year”. I recently figured out that polish is awesome layered over over pinks or purples, giving them a golden shimmer that reminds me of some Zoya polishes. I stamped over that with Konad Special Black & Bundle Monster plate BM-209, not wanting to cover up the color too much! This was really gorgeous in person & I couldn't help but stare at my nails.

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