Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ozotic 506

Today I have some pics of a very special polish for you!! I asked for this one for Mother's Day because it's quite a bit more than I would normally spend on polish ($20), but you'll see why it's worth the price below.

Ozotic 506 is a color shifting polish (a "multi chrome") that is very sheer on it's own & looks best layered over a dark polish to make the the colors really pop. Here I am wearing it over black & holding my hand up above my head. As I move my hand down you can see the color goes from a reddish purple through purple, dark blue, blue, and finally to teal.

Ozotic 506, 1


Ozotic 506, 3

Ozotic 506, 4

Ozotic 506, 5

Ozotic 506, 6

Ozotic 506, 7

And sometimes, when you have lights coming in from different angles, you can catch two colors on your nail ~

Ozotic 506, 8

These pics are a few months old but I kept delaying editing them (wow, my nails are so short!). Of course I had to try it out as soon as it arrived!

Tragically Ozotic recently announced that they will be discontinuing the whole 500 line, which includes other multi chromes, so it may be a bit harder to find now. I bought mine from the awesome Llarowe. It looks like she is out of 506 for now but 505 is very similar, shifting to a green instead of teal. I did see some 506 on Amazon & eBay for a little more $$.

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