Friday, August 31, 2012

Dinners for the Week

Doritos Casserole with corn - I've been slowly tweaking this one & think last night was the best yet! It's finally ready to share & that just gives us an excuse to make it again soon so I can take a picture! Until then I'll share the unfinished recipe page with you.

Chinese Roast Chicken with Coriander Rice (2 dinners) - We've made this dish a few times now & it is so good! I think I follow this recipe pretty closely except that I double or quadruple the ingredients so that we each have 2 drumsticks & one portion of rice (for 2 meals). 1 drumstick a piece isn't going to cut it!

This time I also threw a bunch of fresh green beans in with the rice (boiling it in the water  with the rice & mixing it all in the sauce). I love green beans but thought the rice was not quite as tasty as before, but Justin & Orson had no issues with it! We didn't think Orson would eat the drumstick & did not make any for him but he got ahold of his dad's and proudly took a few bites so I'll definitely count him in next time.

► (Frozen) Fish Fillets with roasted broccoli

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Jenni Price said...

Hi Tiffany! It's good to visit your blog again! I can't believe the way you've been decorating your nails! Way cool!