Friday, March 5, 2010

Brown Basket, re-visited

The last of the leftover PowerShot photos...

I got a few shots of the brown basket before I delivered it as a late-Christmas gift. I don't know why these were so hard to photo!

Brown Cord Basket

Brown Cord Basket - close

And it looks like I got a new camera just in time! The last few weeks the LCD on the PowerShot keeps flickering with green stripes (though it doesn't seem to affect the photos). It looks like the end is near. But, considering it's gone through 7 years of pretty intense use, I'd say it has held up well.

I've been clicking away with the new Rebel, and everything looks great on the LCD so far! But I still need to install the camera drivers (tonight) before I can upload them on the computer and check them out for real. I'm sure we've all had photos that looked great on a tiny camera display, only to find them too dark, distorted, or blurry on your computer monitor! I'm sure even the giant 3" screen on this camera can lie.

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