Friday, March 19, 2010

Butterfly Box

A local woman recently found me on Etsy through their "Shop Local" search & ordered a custom quilled butterfly for her friend's new baby. She sent me photos of the nursery & the bedding and I debated over the colors for a while, but I think we will end up with a pretty good match! I used the last of the shadowboxes for this one, and it looks like they are no longer in stock, so I don't see much quilling in my near future, but it was a fun project to work on.

Pink & Green Quilled Butterfly Box

She came to pick it up yesterday with her two small sons. The toddler, who she said is normally shy, felt right at home in our apartment & was bound & determined to check out every inch of it! It was quite amusing to watch ~ my favorite part was when he pointed to the paused movie on my TV and cried "Broken!". He seemed very concerned! Indy also seemed pretty concerned, dodging the toddler & slinking over to cautiously sniff at the baby's foot (which moved & frightened him, of course). But I think he handled it pretty well.

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