Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Camera Cat

I love this camera!
Here are a couple of my first shots ~

Indy - close up

And I took a few photos while he was playing in the hallway...
Which was unlit. And at night. And with no flash!

Indy - hallway

For the sake of comparison, I pulled out the PowerShot and took a similar shot of him playing in the hallway. The pictures came out nearly solid black. After bumping up the light a ton on the picture, you can finally make out a cat shape (amidst a horrible pixelated mess) ~

Indy - hallway, comparison shot

(Admittedly, I did bump up the light on the Rebel's hallway shot too, but others I took at the same time were nearly as light as that without any editing.)

Now I need to start figuring out the white balance, ISO levels, focus & such, but I'm pretty amazed at the results I'm already getting in auto modes!

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