Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chicken Salad Dip & food of Christmas past

The camera arrived today! Unfortunately I am too busy today to get to play with it yet. :(

Tonight we will be cleaning the house like crazy, getting ready for a get-together this weekend. One of the things we will be whipping up is a little treat I've been meaning to share with you ~ "Chicken Salad Dip".

Chicken Salad Dip

The name might be a little misleading. I do not like chicken salad, but I *love* this dip. It's one of those simple, 3 ingredient recipes that is addictingly good. Just take an 8oz. box of cream cheese, a packet of ranch dressing mix (a dry mix you can find in the salad dressing section, Hidden Valley), and break up a large 10oz. can of chicken (or use about 2/3 lb. cooked, shredded chicken). Mix and serve with mini pretzels or pretzel sticks!

We were originally introduced to this dip paired with the Flip-Side cracker/pretzels. They are amazing together, but you will see why we dropped that one when you glance at the nutrition information! Granted, you can usually see the grease glistening on them, so it's not much of a surprise. Blah!

Speaking of food photos that have been sitting around forever...
Back around Christmas time I tried my hand at candying orange peels.

Orange Peels

I used a recipe from Martha, though apparently there are a few on the site. (Some tell you to cook the peels for about 15 minutes, while this one says 1 hour, and I think mine went more like 2-3 hours!) While I wasn't a big fan of them, Justin's family was.

Candied Orange Peels

I also found this perfect little sphere of grapes, no stem in sight. They would have made a lovely Christmas ornament, if not for the rotting and all.

Grape sphere

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