Friday, March 26, 2010

It's coming together....

Last weekend we found out that the church that runs Justin's school has a large annual consignment sale for baby & kids clothing, furniture, & other supplies. And even better ~ if you pay $5 you can get in the night before the sale officially opens! Luckily, Justin's graduate class was canceled that night (Spring Break), so we pulled $100 out of the bank & headed over.

Score! We found a great crib, changing table, and stroller for $100 total! It did take a screwdriver & two car trips to get everything home in our tiny Kia Rio, but it was worth it. The furniture is in great shape, but does has a few chips in the paint, so we'll be re-painting them the week after next when Justin is off work for a week (again, Spring Break). Here is a preview of the crib ~

Crib - unpainted

And the almost-matching changing table ~

Changing table - unpainted

Apparently if you put 10 items in the sale you get in an hour earlier without paying, so we will definitely be doing that next year. These women were serious shoppers ~ almost everyone came prepared with a plastic laundry bin from home to tote around their haul.

While I'm in the room snapping pictures, check out our growing heap of baby clothes (piled atop the car seat) ~

Stack o' baby clothes

The changing table has two sets of shelves underneath, and I can't wait to get it painted & put back together so that I can fold some of that up & get it out of the way. Especially since my mom will soon be bringing over the pile of clothing she's been gathering together herself!

But what color of paint? I've been searching high & low for some decent curtains for the room with no luck. I really wanted to find something with a fun pattern & a lot of color to break up the white-white of our apartment walls a little, but everything was so plain! I started searching through sheets, blankets, shower curtains, fabric, anything that I could turn into a curtain, and I finally found this cute robot print ~

Michael Miller fabric - Bots N Robots

Last night I bought up the last 7 yards from this shop, but you can find the "Bots N Robots" print on several other sites (though it is $2+ pricier everywhere else!). I'm not going to worry about picking out a color for the furniture until I've got the fabric in my hands for a little color-matching, but for now I'm thinking yellow or green ~ Justin vetoed my idea of light gray. We'll see!

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Marilyn M. King said...

Fun Fun! How about light gray toward purplish (just a little purple). I see purple in the print. If yellow, a soft one so that it doesn't look cheap. That's just me.....