Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cartersville Egg Drop

Around Easter, for the last few years, our church has been hosting a giant "Egg Drop" at the local park. It's basically our bizarre version of an Easter egg hunt that goes a little something like this....

All of the kids are divided up by age between four different fields. Thousands of eggs are spread on each field, and then wait! What's that? The Easter bunny flies by in a helicopter to drop even more eggs.

Cartersville Egg Drop - helicopter 2

Cartersville Egg Drop - helicopter 1

The kids are then lined up along the edge of the field until everyone is in place. After the countdown they storm the field.

Cartersville Egg Drop - 10-12 - 4

Cartersville Egg Drop - 10-12 - 3

Then the eggs are all traded in for candy. Technically, it doesn't matter how many eggs you the kids managed to grab ~ everyone gets a big handful of candy for their basket. The kids don't seem to mind, and hey, it's all free!

Cartersville Egg Drop - candy 1

And then it is all repeated later in the day for a 2nd drop on all four fields! We don't know yet how many people came this year, but they were expecting about 8,000. Insane!

Justin & I were in charge of the volunteers handing out candy to the 10-12 year olds, but I also managed to stop by the 2-4 year old's field for some photo fun. Here's what the running action looks like on the only field where a parent is allowed.

Cartersville Egg Drop - 2-4 - 5

Cartersville Egg Drop - 2-4 - 7

I added a few extra photos to my Flickr page, so stop by for more cute kid action!

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