Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Peeps Manicure! With Tutorial

Well, I'm a day late posting my manicure, but work has been eating up all of my time lately! This week I have some Peeps nail art, which is so easy to create with nail dotters!

Peeps Nail Art Tutorial (nail dotters)

1) The first step is to paint your nails with some fun Easter & Peeps colors. On my thumb, middle finger, and pinky I used Claire's "Candy Shop" for some sugary goodness. I've got Orly "It's Up to Blue" on my pointer finger and Color Club "Wild at Heart" on the ring finger where I will be adding the nail art. Clean up the edges, add your topcoat, and let dry.

Peeps Nail Art Tutorial, 1

2) Now grab your nail dotters (or make your own). I'll refer to the sizes as XS, S, M, L, & XL.

You'll also need some Peeps colors. Yellow tends to be very sheer, so I'm laying down a white base first. Draw a line with your S dotter to add two little ears at the top of each nail, about 1/3 the height of your finished Peep.

Peeps Nail Art Tutorial, 2

3) With the XL dotter, move right & left to create an oval shape for the head.

Peeps Nail Art Tutorial, 3

4) Then create a large oval for the body by moving the dotter around in a circular shape until the dot is large enough.

Peeps Nail Art Tutorial, 4

5) Here I layered my yellow (Color Club "Daisy Does It") over the white. You can either carefully color over the shape with the nail brush (mistakes with the sheer color won't show much), or draw it in with the nail dotters like before. I also added a shimmery color over the pink to help it match a little better (I have no good pinks!).

Peeps Nail Art Tutorial, 5

6) Using a dark brown or black, dot on the eyes and nose with the XS dotter. Let it dry thoroughly before topping with topcoat & you are done!

Peeps Nail Art Tutorial, 6

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