Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday: Recent Recipes

Last week I was able to double two recipes for freezer meals. Since they both made two dinners already, that brings our total up to 6 dinners that we’ve put aside in two weeks!! I can’t believe we were able to freeze a week of food that quickly.

I was really surprised how cheap & easy it was to double these meals. The first week groceries were slightly pricier than average, but last week we spent a normal amount, even with 4 extra dinners! Assuming things re-heat well, I definitely want to keep this up in the future.

Spaghetti Casserole

Baked Spaghetti Casserole, with roasted kale (2 dinners, pictured above) - The casserole was doubled for one of the freezer meals. My plan was to line one of two casserole dishes with plastic wrap so I could freeze it & then remove it from the dish. Later, when we were ready to bake it, I would remove the plastic wrap it & pop it in the same dish to let it thaw...

Unfortunately I remembered this plan about two layers in, so I went ahead and finished layering both dishes and then dumped one casserole into a freezer bag. No big deal ~ it doesn’t really matter if the layers are mixed, but I was curious to see how well the plastic wrap removal would go! (Don’t forget to leave out the French Fried onions to add on later)

Stuffing & Spinach Bake - plate

Turkey, Spinach, and Stuffing - We made this recipe using the “Cream of” substitute, and I also seasoned the turkey a bit (salt & pepper) and threw in a little shredded Mozzarella that we had in the fridge. It’s always seemed a little dry to me, so I was hoping the extra liquid from the mix and the cheese would help with that, but I think we’ll add in some extra water next time around.

Chicken Taco Soup

Cheesy Chicken Taco Soup (2 dinners) - This one was also doubled to make 2 freezer meals and it was a super easy one! We sauteed twice the chopped onions and then removed half of them to a freezer bag. Then as I was adding the other ingredients, I just had to dump one in the soup pot & one into the bag. I added everything to the bag except for the water, which we’ll add when we are ready to cook it. Then we just need to throw everything in a pot and bring it to a boil, cook for 6 minutes, then serve with the cheese & chips.

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