Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday Manicure: Black Knight Dupe with Starbursts

For a long time I've been hunting for a black polish with a little something extra to it. I had a nearly empty bottle of Sally Hansen "Black Diamond", black with a subtle silver shimmer, and I thought it would be fun to find something similar with multicolored glitter. It ended up being a long hunt...

When I saw Sally Hansen Insta-Dri "In a Flurry", I thought 'perfect'! It also happens to be a rather cheap polish, but I checked one drugstore after another with no luck. Then Pure Ice, a *super* cheap polish, came out with "Five-some". Even better! I checked a Walmart or two but never found any.

Black Knight Dupe with Starbursts (Cheeky)

Then I read that not only was "Five-some" actually a dupe (copy) of Butter London "The Black Knight" (a pricey one!), but you can easily make your own! Just mix the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "Rockstar Pink" that I posted before (about $4) half & half with a cheap black polish & you've got a match! I'd been eying that pink for a while already, so now I have two lovely polishes for the price of one.

In person the polish mostly looks black with a glittery shimmer of pink, teal, purple, and a bit of red ~ not quite as bright as in my photo. I stamped my nails with Pure Ice "Silver Mercedes" and Cheeky plate CH46, but didn't want to hide all of that pretty polish. I left my ring finger and thumb un-stamped and just dotted a row down the side of each nail to tie everything together.

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