Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday: Getting Things Done

Work continues to be *insane*, and I don't think I'll get a break for another month. A while ago I added a note to the site saying that I was going to stop taking orders in May (because of the new arrival) so be sure to get your orders in now. Ever since then I've been bombarded! Last month I had my highest sales ever, about twice what I make some months, but that also means twice the stress. On the plus side I have been able to knock out almost all of our pre-baby shopping list, and all of this work is making life with a newborn sound a lot less hectic.

This week I...

♦ Did a lot of Easter crafting with Orson! First I got the idea from The Active Toddler to make some 'stained glass' eggs. First I folded a paper towels into fourths and cut out an egg shape (you can also use coffee filters) and got Orson to color them with markers on a cookie sheet. I made sure he used at least 2 colors per egg and then let him spray them with water when he was done. The ink spread out really well & they turned out so pretty! (Not that you can tell from the first picture!)

Stained Glass Eggs, 1 (O-13)

The last egg is mine. It's funny, because I drew zig-zags, stripes, and dots, and it all merged into a rainbow blur! These are definitely not something you want get detailed with.

Stained Glass Eggs, 2 (O-13)

♦ Then we made a chick with some hand-print cut outs. I think I saw the idea with some painted hand-prints, but until I get some good washable paint I'm having to avoid painting crafts. I traced some cups for the body & head and should have found something a little larger! I put down the glue & Orson is really good at placing the shapes. He had me hang him high on the window so he could fly. :)

Hand-print Chick (O-13)

♦ We also dyed Easter eggs, which Orson was begging to do all week after seeing the kit. He picked the colors, added some stickers, and then wanted to eat one right away, haha. I played around with one egg, drawing circles with the white crayon, dipping in a color, and repeating. The results were faint but pretty. Next time I'd start with yellow before adding the first circles so they won't be so blindingly white compared to the others.

Easter egg

♦ We put away 4 more freezer meals (and tried the "Cream of" soup mix with yet another recipe).

♦ Put those payments to good use! I bought the last needed cabinet (this white one for our Master bath), a lovely crib from Craiglist (poor Justin has to pick these things up), and some stuff for Orson's room ~ new curtains, a clock, and some wall art!

♦ And I finally got to hang the nine 8x10 frames ~ Justin found them! Later this week I'll share some pictures on how I aligned everything to hang them.

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