Sunday, April 7, 2013

GTD: DIY Air Wicks, Chicken Cobbler Casserole, and Shopping

We'll be out of town on Monday so I wanted to go ahead and post my "Getting Things Done" list today. Prepare for an impressive list next week because we've just started Spring Break!

► Last week we ended up with a lot of leftovers somehow, so we only needed to cook one double dinner ~ Chicken Cobbler Casserole (with some tweaks). I went ahead and doubled that to make 2 more freezer meals. The plan was to prepare the filling but buy new bread when we were ready to cook the frozen version, but Justin picked up twice the bread we needed. I went ahead and cubed it to freeze (with the seasoning but without the butter), which will make it a cinch to prepare in the future.

DIY Air Wick 2.1

► I once again attempted a DIY Air Wick re-fill, & things went so much smoother this time! I learned before not to pull out the wick, just snap the plastic ring off the top of the bottle. Last time I also shook the oil out through the small hole (see below) and it got everywhere. My hand stunk for days, and I could even taste it on my fingers! This time I grabbed one of the syringes from our many bottles of children's medicine and it worked perfectly. I'm sure that's what they intended you to do! Being able to measure everything so easily will definitely come in handy later too if I want to mix scents.

DIY Air Wick 2.2

I filled up each bottle with 10mL of the oil (see above) and topped it off with about 15mL of water. I think these warming oils are too weak to dilute though, since I've got the Air Wicks cranked up high and I can't smell them at all. :( I'll give these oils one more try un-diluted, then start looking for a replacement.

► Went through my many coupons and dumped the expired ones. (I'm terrible with coupons!)

► Started skimming through our trusted Baby 411 book for a refresher on newborns. I'm feeling a little rusty after nearly 3 years! (And still feel a little clueless on signs of labor & breastfeeding, since we didn't really get to experience those last time)

► Framing! I took 4 things in to be framed this week but ended up only getting 2 family photos done for now (various reasons). Unfortunately both mats I chose need to be ordered, so it will be weeks before those are ready & we can pay for them. (I think I'll set the cash aside to cover it so I don't keep reminding myself it's coming up!)

► Clothes & craft supply shopping for Orson and some more work on his room. One of the things I took to be framed was a poster for his room. I just wanted something cheap, but it was such an unusual size nothing really fit, and the poster frames couldn't fit a mat. I ended up just buying a frame online when we got home which will hopefully arrive mid-week so we can hang up all of his new wall art! We also moved the train table from the nursery into his room and after a few days of things being very cramped I realized I could slide some of his bigger playsets underneath. So much better!

► Other random shopping ~ 1) New label maker - I thought Orson broke my old one & I tried to fix it, breaking it for good in the process. Whoops! The screen was already shot so it is no big loss. 2) New battery for the laptop - ours will no longer hold a charge & the cord is broken so it falls out at the slightest breath (which quickly shuts down the computer!). Hopefully it will get a lot more use with this fix! 3) Something gigantic to go over our mantle! Hoping to get it hung this week & share a pic with you next time.

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