Monday, April 15, 2013

GTD: Super Productive Spring Break!

Ahh. Spring Break is over, but we had a nice one! Relaxing, fun, and productive ~ and it didn’t even rush by! We started out with a quick anniversary trip to Chattanooga, Tn, ended with a bad allergy attack and a get-together with college friends, and managed to knock off the majority of our to-do list in between. We got so much done, I’m just going to list things by room. This week we tackled the...

♦ Basement - Vacuumed (dead bugs), put down more bug spray, & assembled 2 cabinets for my craft supplies. The cabinets were a little smaller than I had pictured, so we’ll definitely need a 3rd! (but wait for them to go on sale again)

♦ Living room - Hung our awesome new metal wall art over the fireplace, cleared the poinsettia & V-day cards off the mantle & them replaced with some ‘neutral’ decorations (which will probably be up there a long time!)

Mantle with new wall art

♦ Kitchen - Bought some black bins for the red cabinet, ordered fabric to spruce them up a bit, hung our trivets on the wall ~ might as well use them for decorations too!

Trivets on Wall

♦ Our room - Put together the white cabinet for our bathroom & filled it up! Need to get some totes for this before I can really organize it.

♦ Orson’s room - Framed a poster, hung 4 things on the wall, bought a light-blocking curtain liner & double curtain rod, stitched together the liner (didn’t realize it was 2 narrow panels) & lengthened it, hung all the curtains, bought & put in a hanging rod for his closet (like this) so he can reach his clothes, & bought him a dresser! Hopefully he won’t mind this replacing the changing table.

Animal Poster

Above you can see the framed poster ~ the artwork was created by my talented aunt! The kitty below is too tiny for the wall, but I was so pleased to find something with a cat that was not girl themed. We'll add to it later.

Tiny Kitty Canvas

♦ Nursery - Moved the file cabinets to the basement & put together the crib!

♦ Everything else - Hung wall art in a bathroom and the hallway, put aside cash to pay for the photos being framed, cancelled the satellite TV (did you know you can legally get broadcast channels free through a cable connection?), re-listed 6 items on eBay and listed 7 new things, took in the mower for repair (so did everyone else - a 2 week wait!), bought a weed-whacker, bought & returned another laptop battery (neither one worked, this thing is dead!), bought a breast pump, tried 6 new recipes & put aside another 2 freezer meals.

Whew! I’m impressed. I definitely did not think we’d mark so much off our list in such a short time. Big thanks to Justin! I've even managed to keep up the momentum today.

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