Monday, April 29, 2013

GTD: More baby prep

I've been taking things easy but still working on some last minute baby stuff. Last week I (with some help from Justin) ...

♦ Sewed & hung the new black-out panel for Orson's room. I guess it was a little too successful ~ Orson started asking for a nightlight!

♦ Went on the hospital tour.

♦ Moved Orson's car seat to the right side of the car to give him a little time to adjust before we set up the baby's car seat base in hold old spot.

♦ Set up the playpen bassinet in our bedroom.

♦ Moved the desk from the nursery & scooted over the crib. We've still got some arranging to do in there, but she'll probably be sleeping in our room for a while.

♦ Picked up the custom framed photos we ordered from Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago. The frames were all 50% off this week, so I made sure to ask about the sale and we got a huge discount!!

We also bought a plate holder there for a large serving platter. Might as well use it for decoration rather than having it shoved awkwardly in a cabinet! (It now sits atop the red cabinet)

♦ My lovely aunt & cousin threw me & Pandora a baby shower! It was so nice to see everyone, eat some yummy foods, and we got spoiled with presents. The ladies helped me knock out some of the much-needed items from our registry, and my cousin loaded me up with 7 giant bags of girl's clothing! I'll need to start sorting through them this week, but for now I'm having them checked out by our quality inspector ~

Sadie's Donations

♦ And we had one last big splurge before I stop working ~ an iPad 2! It should be arriving in a few days & we are still in shock, we've wanted one a long time.

We were not able to fix the battery in our current laptop, and with the broken power cord that means it's only really usable if you don't move it at all. (Next year we'll probably replace my desktop with a nice laptop, but for now we needed something a little more portable.) There is also a hand-held baby tracker I've been wishing for since Orson was born, but at this point I figured that $50 would be better spent on a tablet & a cheap app. With Pandora threatening to come early we didn't think it was going to be possible (I'd lose a few weeks of payments), so we are extra excited about our early Mother & Father's Day gift!

Anyone have recommendations for a case?

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