Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday: Getting Things Done

Last week I....

♦ Finished removing the labels from tupperwares using pure acetone. You can see how nicely it comes off!

Acetone + Tupperware

♦ Hung a 2nd camera up in Orson room (so we can spy from 2 views until the baby comes)

♦ Started tracking the water I drink daily to make sure I'm getting enough

♦ Steamed the newly hung curtains (above bath)

♦ Hemmed the last curtain (to go above toilet)

♦ Used this idea to make Frozen Yogurt Drops! I just used a spoon to make blobs on waxed paper and it worked great. Orson was a *big* fan & I'm sure we'll be doing this a lot in the summer.

♦ Went through my lotion & body spray drawer & threw out 3 things (should have done more!). I also rinsed out 2 nearly empty travel bottles to use for lotion later.

♦ Used this idea to make my own Air Wick re-fills! I used 1/3 warming oil & 2/3 water, but I made a mistake ~ I pulled the wick out of the opening (and poured through the hole) and the wicks unraveled & started falling apart. I was able to twist them & squeeze them back in the hole, but now I see that they are not going to work since the wick does not reach the bottom of the bottle anymore.

Air Wick DIY Refills

Next time I will remove the plastic top (leaving the wick inside), and the larger opening will also make the bottles a lot easier to fill. I may also wear gloves, because I could not seem to fully wash the oil from my fingers (I could smell & taste it for days. Yuck!). I really don't want to spend $3-5 a month on re-fills though, so I'm hoping to get this to work! It will be fun to mix my own scents too.

♦ Ordered Orson's 2011 photo book! (Time to start on 2012)

♦ Bought a new stroller/car seat set and swing from Craigslist. It was a great deal ~ I basically got the swing for free!

♦ Used my small casserole dishes again

♦ Took pictures of items to list on eBay (about 15 things)

♦ And if you look around you may notice that I totally changed the layout of my blog! I was not a fan of the previous beige & orange colors, but used them to match the header. This time I went for something clean & simple. I created a new banner, re-coded the blog to match (LiveJournal and Blogger), and made all sorts of tweaks like adding buttons for feed readers & Pinterest (on Blogger). LiveJournal did it's best to make every single change unbearable.

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