Saturday, February 9, 2013

6 months!

Today I am at 6 months, finally! The first 5 months rushed past, probably because of the holidays, but last month felt like it would never end.

6 months (baby #2)

Here is my 6 months pictures from the last pregnancy. I definitely look like I was carrying it lower last time (with a boy) and higher this time (with a girl). Either the angle is too different or else there is some truth to the wives tale!

By the way, I am very proud that I've gained less than 15 lbs. so far! I am determined not to gain 60 like I did last time, it will probably be closer to 30 with this one. (Not that I've been doing much work to keep it off, but I know I'm eating less this time & Orson keeps me semi-active.) My hips are killing me, but otherwise I'm doing good!

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