Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday Manicure: "Rockstar Pink" with Hearts

This week was supposed to be our first week of church Small Group (it got cancelled), so with the idea of meeting lots of new people I thought I might go a little conservative with my nails ~ pink! I decided to wear my new Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear “Rockstar Pink”, and once I realized this was also the week of Valentine’s Day, tiny hearts seemed like the perfect accent.

Rockstar Pink with Hearts Nails

“Rockstar Pink” is a wonder collection of tiny glitter ~ mostly in pink, with accents of purple, blue, red, and silver. Very sparkly & fun! I had my eyes on this one for a while, and once I read that it was the perfect ingredient for a special franken-polish I wanted to make, I had to grab a bottle. The hearts were easy to add with a few small nail dotters ~ just make two dots side by side & work down to connect them with a point underneath. For those I used Color Club “Wild at Heart” (purple) and China Glaze “Ruby Pumps” (red).

I'm not sure why they put this polish in the Xtreme Wear line though. With so much glitter I was expecting this one to be rather brittle, and even with a ton of topcoat on it did get a few chips early on (they were easy to patch up). By day 5 I lost a few large chunks & was ready to remove it.


Jennifer {The Craft Patch} said...

Hey there! I thought I'd stop by, since you are always leaving kind comments on my blog. Oh my are so good at doing your nails! I am seriously amazed!

Have a great day!

Tharvey said...

Thank you!! I've been a bit obsessed this year. ;)

If you & your girls like to paint yours, you should check out the nail stamping plates they have now ~ awesome designs you can just stamp on.