Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday Manicure: Neon Crackle Heart

This was a fun manicure to create, but it required a lot of layering!

First, to make your neon polish really pop, you want to lay down down a base of white polish. For this I used 2 coats of Milani "White on the Spot". Then I added about 3 coats of Sinful Colors "Pink" for my neon (great name) ~ not the best polish, but I didn’t want to spend much on a color I’d wear so seldomly. I covered this with topcoat and let everything dry for a while.

Neon Crackle Heart Manicure

For the ring finger I followed this tutorial to add a heart, though I folded the tape in half & cut out a heart instead of using a hole punch. I filled the heart in with OPI “Black Shatter”, but did not brush it on like normal. A while back I saw a girl use many colors of crackle polish for a manicure, painting tiny brushstrokes in various directions all over the nail. I thought that would be fun to test with one color, and it definitely did mix up the crackle pattern a little. (The crackle would normally look a little more like this.) For a nice crackle you'll also want to use a thin coat.

For the rest of the nails I blocked off a section of my nail with Scotch tape & filled in the rest of the nail with the same crackle technique. From afar this looked a little too much like leopard print for me, but it was pretty fun and I got a ton of compliments!

And apparently I've been a bad influence on our little boy! He colored his nails with marker & then came over to me saying "Take picture", haha ~

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