Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday: Getting Things Done

This week I...

Orson V-day '13 Cards

♦ Got Orson to make Valentine's Day cards for his grandparents. I got the idea to make a heart stamp with a toilet paper roll from this blog, but it didn't work so well for us. It was hard to make a full heart with the stamp, so I had to help with most of those, then Orson made some partial prints & smeared things around. Then I cut out a few construction paper hearts and he glued them on. Not too bad!

♦ Tried 2 new recipes.

♦ Used Goo-Gone to get the label gunk off Orson's "I Spy" bottle and a jar I keep pens in.

♦ Removed the labels from the new recycling bin & our trash can (one of those needed Goo-Gone, but the rest came off smoothly).

♦ Made a heart garland for Valentine's.

♦ Tried a new Japanese restaurant, about 30 minutes away (also for V-day). We tried a few new foods there too ~ jellyfish and pork belly!

♦ Searched all through the moving boxes full of craft supplies & finally found a mail sorter that had been used for shipping supplies. I had been planning on buying a new one for our current mail, but I realized the old one wasn't being used & would at least work for now! (This took a spot in the kitchen, clearing off the table by the front door)

♦ While searching for the mail sorter I finally found my missing label maker! I labelled a few containers on my desk and re-labeled some of our cords ~

Labeling plugs

Whenever a new cord comes in the house, I stick a label on it! We have too many old cords that we have no idea what they go to. I had been using some white paper labels and then covering them with tape (to water/stain-proof them), but realized these would work even better! Normally I just write the item the cord is for, but for phones and game systems I've started adding our names as well in case we leave them at someone's house where there were a lot of visitors.

♦ Bought new batteries & tested the baby swing we bought from Craigslist. Works great!

♦ Finally remembered to use the re-usable grocery bags we bought a week or two. We used to be in the habit of taking them every trip, but our old bags started falling apart & we went months without any. It's sad to see how quickly those plastic bags accumulate!!

♦ Re-took the pictures of eBay items (15+ items).

♦ Created a comparison list for cable/satellite & internet costs from the local companies. I really want to drop the TV now that I watch everything online but Justin is reluctant. Know anywhere we can get local channels only? We are trying to cut back costs for next year when I am not working.

♦ Started carrying stuff from the nursery to the basement... Our future nursery (2nd floor) is loaded with sewing & office stuff and I've been really dreading moving it into the basement. After carrying stuff back & forth a few times beofre, I knew how exhausting it was going to be to try to do it all at once. I took a tip from my recent To-Do List post and realized I should break up the task to make it seem more manageable! Currently the goal is just to make one trip a day. It will take a week or two to empty the room, but moving everything will take little effort at all.

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