Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday: Recent Recipes

Not too adventurous last week! We made...

Chicken Pot Pies

Chicken Pot Pies (pictured above, doubled for 2 dinners) - I made these as an excuse to use my tiny casseroles again, they are so pretty! They did turn out a little too brown (I should have reduced the time a little bit with the smaller sizes), and too peppery (realized the recipe had too much in it, it's been updated!), but otherwise tasty!

Doritos Casserole - This one is good, but I feel like it could be even better? Either way it's an easy & yummy dish.

Mein Fun (for lunches) - I made this again with some changes & it was so much better! I cooked the noodles in the microwave, which I think I prefer for such a delicate noodle (which can easily overcook on the stove), and I added more sauce & more cabbage. Next time I have a few ideas for how to make the preparation easier, but it's getting close!

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