Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday: Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done - Trying to to tackle all of my long ignored 'to-do's, clutter tucked in the corner, untried Pins, and new tasks I'd normally put off. Forcing myself to get up & do it already!

Last week I...

♦ Researched paper crafts to do with toddlers but could not find much! Orson was very excited to make a bunny recently, so I ended up cutting out a bunch of squares, triangles, and circles, and let him play with a glue stick. Eventually I drew some figures made from shapes he could match up and he was thrilled, demanding a whole set of family & friends (with kitty shirts).

Orson Shapes Family

♦ Tried 3 new recipes

♦ Went through the medicine boxes in our bathroom - There are no medicine cabinets in our new house, so everything is still sitting in 2 moving boxes. Messy, and we were a little worried about Orson getting into something. I went through the boxes, threw out several ancient pill bottles, and sorted everything into large labeled ziplocks (Pain Relief, Dental Care, etc.), and was able to combine it into one box. Eventually we want to buy a cabinet to add storage, but that's low priority for now.

♦ Reading a lot of books lately, about 1-2 a week. Granted, most of them have been chosen from this list & are young adult novels, but still! I need to find a good list of adult sci-fi/fantasy recommendations.

♦ Made paper & oil hearts inspired by this post. Only the first couple got the 'stained glass' effect, because soon Orson was determined to fill in every inch! I tried to make patterns on a few but the oil bled over time & it wasn't noticeable. Orson happily filled these in for about 2 hours & would have kept going! They look great in the window.

Paper & Oil Hearts

♦ Got a new trash can to use for recycling in the kitchen - replacing a tacky cardboard box!

♦ Bought a baby doll for Orson - We've been saying he needed one since before Christmas, and he's been especially interested in the new stroller & swing. Practice for his future baby sister!

♦ Sorted through 2 boxes of Orson's baby clothes - Pulled out anything that was gender neutral enough to use for the baby & made sure to box his back up by proper size (some were shoved in the wrong boxes before). Still more to do!

♦ Tried to buy gum paste to make these mints, but could only found a $9 bag. Never mind!! Looks like I'll be making the gum paste myself if I want to try these.


Susannah said...

Wow, you're getting a ton done! Good for you!

Tharvey said...

Thank you! These are things I'd normally procrastinate about, but keeping these lists has been very motivating. I'm hoping they will also help encourage others to tackle some of the things they've been putting off.

gatofish said...

Are you on Goodreads? They have great lists made up by members that you can look through. I have the problem of too many books on my to-read list and not enough time!

Tharvey said...

Ooh, I have heard of that site but have not checked it out yet. Thanks, that's a good idea!