Saturday, February 22, 2014

Basement Clean-up

In our last two apartments I had my own craft room. I was sewing full-time and definitely needed the space to work. Then I switched to the ambigrams and the room became a nursery, but I still used the massive closet to store my supplies.

When we moved into this rental house half of my craft supplies ended up in the basement and the other half in the spare room. I couldn't decide where to set things up, but soon I was pregnant and lugged everything down to the basement to make room for another nursery. I set up my two folding tables, but I couldn't really arrange anything without some more storage. (One of my shelves had fallen apart & was ditched during the move, one was re-purposed, and the previous closet had some shelving). Here is a before shot. Yikes!

Basement, before

We decided to buy two of these tall shelves with doors so we could child-lock them if needed. We figured we'd need a 3rd set, but hoped we might be able to get by with a cheaper short shelf instead.

But with lots of baby stuff to buy, they were definitely not our top priority, so it was about a year after the move before we got them. I got a bit of organizing done before the baby arrived, but was slow going after that! In the end I managed to fit everything in those two cabinets (along with two small shelves we had already), and I had it done in time to use as a wrapping station for Christmas!

Basement, after 1

Here is a shot from the other side. I've got a shelf and some boxes at the end of the table and a lot of canvases piled against the back wall.

Basement, after 2

Now that things are organized we are naturally talking about moving again, haha. We'd like to buy a house, but who knows what the year will hold. At least it should be easier to set things up at a new place now that I can take the shelving with me.

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