Friday, February 7, 2014

Purple with Copper Leaves Manicure

Time for a little stamping!

It's funny that when I first started stamping I wanted the same design on all 10 nails, but now I think the nail blogs have influenced me to prefer a mix. And bonus: it's quicker when you are not stamping every nail!

 Purple with Copper Leaves Nails

The base color is Color Club "Wild at Heart", a dark purple with a subtle holo. Since I'm usually indoors I don't usually get to enjoy the rainbow holo much, but it likes to shine in the sun! Then I stamped the middle and ring fingers with Essie "Penny Talk" and plate CH33 from Cheeky's 2012 Summer Collection. You may remember me testing this color combo on my recent top coat comparison post!

On the rest of the nails I used a large nail dotter to add a copper dot at the top of each nail (two on the thumb). Normally I give dot like these lots of time to dry because it's really hard not to smear them with top coat. My new KBShimmer "Clearly On Top" met the challenge again and I was able to put it on right away with no worries of streaking. I am impressed!

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