Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Easy Valentine's Garland, 2 Ways

Want a quick & pretty decoration for Valentine's Day? Here is a tutorial for the easy Valentine's Day garland I made last year, along with a new variation. All you need is construction paper, scissors, and a stapler.

Chained Heart Garland ~

1) Grab a few sheets of construction paper in any color. I'm using pink and red. Stack them up and cut out long strips about 1-1.5" wide. (This does not have to be too precise, so feel free to eyeball it)

Heart Garland, 1

2) Fold one strip in half and staple above the fold.

Heart Garland, 2

3) Bend the ends down and line them up to create a heart shape. Staple the ends together.

Heart Chain, 1

4) Grab a new strip. Fold and staple the end like step #2.

Heart Chain, 2

5) Bend the ends down like before, but link one end through the previous heart before stapling.

Heart Chain, 3

6) Repeat to create a long chain of hearts.

Heart Chain, 4

Linked Heart Garland ~

1) Cut strips like above. Fold one strip in half and staple above the fold. Fold a 2nd strip (don't staple).

Heart Garland, 2

2) Bend the ends of the first strip down and line up the ends. Tuck the ends into the fold of the 2nd strip and staple.

Heart Links, 1

3) Repeat to create a long chain.

Heart Links, 2

Heart Links, 3

These were fun to create and would be a great craft for kids old enough to wield a stapler. Before you know it your house will be covered in hearts!

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