Wednesday, February 5, 2014

First Bento Tests

When I first got my bento supplies, I stuck some hat picks in my 3-year-old's dino shaped nuggets. He was pretty grumpy, but they were so cute and easy I had to try again!

A week or so later I got more adventurous. Orson loves spelling & reading his name, so I used my alphabet cutters to spell out his name with some cheese too.

Dino Hats & Name

It didn't go so well...

O ~ (Immediately pulling off the hats) "No! I don't want any hats on my dinosaurs! I don't like it so don't put them on my dinosaurs!"
Me ~ "But what about your name? I made it out of cheese. Do you like the name?"
O ~ "No! I don't like my name out of cheese. I just want to throw it in the trash. Don't put hats on my dinosaurs and don't make my name out of cheese. I don't like it!."

Yet a week or so later, Orson saw the bag of alphabet cutters and said we should cut out some letters. He ran to get an apple, but I suggested cheese instead (haha). He had a good time spelling names with me and snacking.

Cutting Cheese Letters

The next day Justin was making a sandwich for himself and one for Orson. I asked Justin if I could decorate *his* sandwich, thinking it would be good for Orson to see someone else eating some silly food and he might even get a bit jealous.

I used my face & shape cutters with Kraft singles and Swiss cheese slices to quickly add a smiling boy & stars on top of the sandwich. I tried to cut the face out of the orange cheese first and lay it on top of the face, but the eyes and mouth were too tiny to stay put, so cutting it out of the face worked much better. I was going to place the arms under the head, but they looked a little odd without a body so I stuck them out of the sides of the sandwich (which creeped out Justin, haha).

Boy Sandwich

The plan worked! Orson immediately asked for his sandwich to be decorated just like daddy's and gobbled everything up happily.

Once my dividers arrived I made myself a few lunches in my bento box (I'll share soon!), and he was very interested in checking out all of the details. He even ate one of the lunches! He still gets upset about decorative picks, but we are definitely making progress.

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