Monday, February 3, 2014

Ham Bone Soup

We made a ham for the new year, and after several dinners and lunches we were left with a large, meaty bone. My mom raved about how good they are for making soup stock, so I decided to adapt this yummy Bean & Bacon Soup we've made before.

Ham Bone Soup

First I found a pot large enough to fit the bone, covered it with water, and left it simmering for most of the day. I sauteed the carrot, celery, onion, and garlic from the recipe in a little of the broth, the strained all of the broth into the pot. I cut up all of the meat that had fallen off the bone with some kitchen scissors, careful to remove any bones or fat, and tossed in all of the meat (sorry, no measurements!). Other than that I just followed the recipe like normal.

It was a beautiful soup with the touches of pink, orange, and green. And it tasted amazing! It will probably be another year or two before we make ham again, but I'm definitely going to remember this soup for when we do.

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