Monday, January 14, 2013

Getting Things Done

Ever since the move I've been thinking a lot about organizing & de-cluttering, but not doing a great deal of it. Sure, we got things mostly set up to make it livable, but there are so many boxes still floating around, things that haven't found homes yet. (I can't believe the move was 6 months ago. How is that possible?) A lot of that is waiting on new shelving, but there is definitely stuff that can be done meanwhile.

Since New Years I have been inspired by all of the resolutions and by an LJ friend who is getting rid of 20 items a day for 100 days. I've been looking around and really noticing the random things shoved on shelves, the things that I've been meaning to fix for months, the things that we really just need to throw out. I haven't overhauled a whole room or anything, but I have been tackling one small thing after another this week & they are already starting to add up!

I decided to post a list of accomplishments from the week here to hopefully inspire others as well. I am not listing all of the mundane stuff that I constantly have to keep up with - laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, etc. - but the random tasks that are so easy to overlook or put off until later. This week I...

♦ Organized all of my nail art supplies into a new make-up bag
♦ Gathered up the various things I want to list for sale on eBay into one bag
♦ Cleaned off my desk - lots of recycling, filing, & organizing
♦ Read through & recycled 4 old magazines
♦ Tossed the bottle of lotion from my purse (Justin hates the smell, I'm not fond either)
♦ Cleaned out the fridge & dumped 15 things
♦ Glued 3 broken ceramics & a ring
♦ Finished putting together Orson's 2011 photo book (yikes!)
♦ Bought a new toddler bed for Orson from Craigslist
♦ Managed to block off the open side of the new bed with 2 bumpers after several days of no napping (kept him in there, but still no nap)
♦ Recycled 3 boxes from Christmas gifts
♦ Dumped sweets left from Christmas, washed & put away tins
♦ Sent out Thank You cards for Orson's gifts
♦ Organized the junk drawer

Junk Drawer Overhaul

I also managed to try quite a few new things from Pinterest!

♦ Made a glitter jar for Orson
♦ Tried 4 new recipes. I even took photos!
♦ Tried rubbing a walnut over scratches in wood furniture to hide them. (It did darken them, but not enough to match the dark cherry finish)

I hope to keep up the good work, but realize most weeks are probably not going to be too impressive. And that is OK! As long as I keeping pushing myself a little each week, every little bit counts.

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Ashesela said...

Awesome!!! I need to declutter too >.<;