Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Purple Potion with Square Stud Nails (Skittle)

I bought a new purple polish, after lots of looking around in stores & online. It is surprisingly hard to find a purple that is not too blue or too red, too light or dark, and is opaque in a few coats. (This is at least my third or fourth bottle!)

This time I chose Sally Hansen X-treme Wear in “Purple Potion” (#350). It’s a red-tinted purple with a blue shimmer that definitely shifts the color in different lighting between a reddish or a blueish purple. Application was a little splotchy, but once again the X-treme Wear lives up to it’s name - a whole week and I’ve still had no major chips!

Purple Stud Skittles, thumb

Purple Stud Skittles, thumb

I dressed the polish up with some silver square studs that I got for Christmas from Born Pretty Store, a different design on each nail (the nails girls call that a 'Skittle' manicure). These were a lot of fun to work with & very easy to apply - just put a layer of top coat on your nail then dip the end of a toothpick in the top coat to pick up the tiny studs. Position them where you want & then coat the whole thing with some more top coat to seal them in when you are done.

These studs add a lot to your manicure with little effort, and you can even re-use them later. I do wish mine had the nice X shape across them that you see on the site - mine were definitely a lot smoother which made them look more like blingy diamonds than a fun punk look. And you are definitely going to have to replace some along the way. I lost about 1-4 a day, but they are so easy to re-apply I did not mind at all. The stud at the tip of my middle finger was the only repeat offender, constantly falling off. As much as I love the look of the line I don’t think I’ll be using that for a full manicure!

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