Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Peppermint Nails

A little belated, but here are the nails I wore for Christmas!

Peppermint Nails

I've known for a while I wanted to do peppermint stripes for the holidays, but I'm picky. I didn't want the stripes to all be the same size, they had to be large & small like a candy cane. And the free-handed designs I saw were too messy (and too hard to do on my right hand!), I wanted the lines to be super crisp.

To create these nails I first painted my nails with China Glaze "Ruby Pumps", a lovely sparkly red. Then I laid down two lines of (super thin) nail striping tape & regular tape around that, painted the white with Milani "White on the Spot", and removed the tape. (This created the three white lines, thick-thin-thick) Getting the spacing just right was a little tricky, but I got the hang of it after a few tries.

Unfortunately I didn't have any tape the width of the thicker red lines, so I just had to wait for that section of white to dry & then filled in the outer edges the same way later on. I kept messing things up by getting impatient & taping over the white areas too soon - you really just want to leave it alone for a few hours!

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