Friday, January 25, 2013

Translated Recipe - Hamster Bread

A looonnnng time ago I had plans to start translating Japanese recipes & posting them on here. I posted one soup and that was about it. My second translation ended up being an 'Indian' recipe, so I didn't bother posting it.  And then the move happened, and this cutie ended up sitting around for months unfinished ~

Ham & Raisin Hamster Bread (original found here)

Makes 5 rolls

(Bread ingredients) Substitutes are OK
Bread flour - 135g 
Wheat flour - 15g
Dry yeast - 3g
Milk - 1/3 cup
Salt - 1g
Sugar - 15g
Butter - 10g
Egg - 25g

(For the rest)
Roast ham - 3 slices
Raisin - 10 raisins
Nuts (almonds or walnut, etc.) - 5 nuts
Finishing touches - egg, as needed

1) Cut the slices of ham into 6 wedges (see original recipe for example picture). For each hamster you’ll use 3-4 wedges.

2) Put all of the bread ingredients except butter into a bowl & mix. Add the butter & stir well, kneading.

3) (Using the rising function on your oven?) Let the dough rise until doubled.

4) Remove 10g of dough for the ears & hands and divide into 5 pieces. Divide the leftover dough into 5 larger pieces and roll each into balls (see pic).

5) Spread out the dough and place the wedges of ham in the center (see pic). Wrap the edges shut to create a nice rounded triangle.

6) Cut the smaller balls into 2 larger & 2 smaller pieces (see pic). Roll the larger 2 into balls to create the ears, placing them at the top left & right of the head. Stretch the smaller two into into flat ovals.

7) Make 2 notches on one end of each flat oval. Press the nut into the center of the head and arrange the hands so they are holding the nut (use a little water to help it stick).

8) Line the hamsters on a baking sheet and allow to rise for another 30-40 minutes (with the oven’s rising function). Preheat your oven to 180C.

9) For the finishing touches, brush the top of each hamster with the egg mixture. On each hamster press in two raisins to create eyes and firmly press in the nuts again. Bake for 12 minutes.


Let me know if there is any interest in translating more of these, or if you have any specific recipes or craft tutorials you'd like me to do.

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