Monday, January 21, 2013

Getting Things Done

Last week I had some lovely pelvic pain from the baby, did lots of cleaning for our weekend guests, and still managed to get a few things done ~

♦ Fixed my database! (been working on this for a few weeks)
♦ Filed all November & December orders away in newly working database
♦ De-seeded the Pomegranate from Christmas (I think the oranges are beyond hope now)
♦ Sold 2 things on eBay
♦ Added a note on my site saying I am closing shop in May!
♦ Ordered a new baby monitor
♦ Joined a small group at our church (a chance to meet people in our new town)
♦ Signed up to volunteer with the toddlers at church
♦ Figured out my new fabric steamer & de-wrinkled all of our curtains
♦ Assigned both of our moms their own ringtones
♦ Hung a dark sheet over Orson's window & got him napping regularly again!
♦ Tried 2 new recipes from my Pinterest

By the way, if you ever wonder why something kind of silly made it on this list, it's because I've been bugging myself to do it for weeks, maybe months. Sometimes we put off the simplest things!!

And here is a picture to go along with last week's post. This is what happens to toddlers that go days & days without napping - they get trapped in their beds!

Orson's rigged bed

He stayed in there but still did not sleep somehow. But you'll see above that we figured out he'll still conk out if the room is dark enough. Thank goodness for nap time!!

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